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Annual Mississippi Coastal Cleanup Event

Every October, thousands of volunteers gather across the coast in efforts to rid our waterways, beaches and bayous of marine debris. The Annual Mississippi Coastal Cleanup takes place in Jackson, Harrison and Hancock Counties. Throughout each county are multiple cleanup sites available for the volunteers’ choosing of where to clean at. The sites range from beaches to parks, bayous to harbors. Want to see the Site Map with all of the cleanup sites available during this event? Cool. Click here!

Each cleanup site is assigned a designated Site Captain. These Site Captains are the leaders of that cleanup area and will provide volunteers with the supplies they need for the cleanup.  Prior to the cleanup, the Site Captain will show volunteers how to accurately record data pertaining to the marine debris items they will pick up the duration of the cleanup. All of the data recorded is kept and entered into the Mississippi Coastal Cleanup marine debris data pool and utilized for educational and funding opportunities. This event is also a part of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup Event!

After the cleanup event, there is a location in each county where volunteers are provided lunch! At these lunch events, participants receive food, t-shirts, and can enter into a raffle prize drawing.  

The 2020 Mississippi Coastal Cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, October 17th.

Want to join us? Registration will open a couple months prior to the event. For more information on the Annual Mississippi Coastal Cleanup Event, click here

Spring Cleanup at I.G. Levy Park

Join us in celebration of Earth Day for a "Spring Cleanup" at the I.G. Levy Memorial Park in Pascagoula, MS.Volunteers will take to the park and rid the area of any litter and debris. Bring the family and friends! Pack a pinic basket with all the snacks and bask in the sun after your hard work... you deserve it. 

For more information, click here

Star-Spangled Cleanup

Every year, July 4th is the day we celebrate the birth of our nation with a day full of festivities and food. Friends, family, and neighbors gather the evening of to watch the biggest and most beautiful firework displays in Southern Mississippi along HWY 90. Unfortunately, this firework celebration often results in tons of debris littering our beautiful beaches. The Star-Spangled Cleanup takes place the morning after in efforts to remove this debris as quickly as possible before it is buried in the sand, blown or washed away by wind or rain, or forgotten. There are multiple cleanup sites throughout the coastal counties available for volunteers to choose from. Each site is assigned a Site Captain who will provide supplies to, lead and assist volunteers during the cleanup. After the cleanup even, we provide a complimentary lunch to volunteers in appreciation to their hard work.

Want to join us? Registration will open a couple months prior to the event. See you in 2021! For more information on the Star-Spangled Cleanup, click here

Mardi Gras Cleanup Krewe

The Mississippi Coastal Cleanup & Plastic Free Gulf Coast have partnered up to hit the streets for the Gulf Coast Carnival Mardi Gras Parade in Biloxi to help with post-festival clean up. Every year, a huge amount of trash is generated by the annual carnival 
celebration that takes days to pick up. As our float follows the parade, the pickup of trash will begin immediately, decreasing the chance of trash items spreading into the nearby neighborhood communities and natural environment! The goal of the Cleanup Krewe float is to promote the incorporation of mindful, waste-free partying into one of our most anticipated traditions!

Want to join us? Of course you do! For more information visit the Mardi Gras Cleanup Krewe page.

Monthly Cleanups

Stay involved year-round by participating in a monthly cleanup! We have selected various locations for a cleanup each month to keep the community engaged in preserving the environment to keep it healthy and beautiful. Each Monthly Cleanup takes place on a Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. There will be a Site Captain at the location to lead the event. Site Captains are responsible for getting volunteers signed in and geared up for the event.

Your participation in the Monthly Cleanups will add your name into a running tally that keeps track of your involvement in the current year’s MSCCP events. The more Monthly Cleanups you participate in, the more entries your name will be on for a higher chance of winning prizes at the Annual Mississippi Coastal Cleanup in October!

Want to join us? Of course you do! For dates, information and to register for the Monthly Cleanups you would like to participate in, click here

World Oceans Beach Cleanup 

Every year on June 8th, World Oceans Day, community members around the globe come together in honor of the beautiful, majestic ocean that connects us all. The ocean is a miraculous ecosystem that provides us with more than we could ever imagine. From the air with breathe to the fish we enjoy, the ocean gives us her all. Countless efforts across the globe take place to protect and preserve the ocean and all its residents year round, and World Oceans Day is a day to recognize these efforts and do what we can to give back.

In partnership with the MS Aquarium, we would like for you to join us for the 2020 World Oceans Day for a beach cleanup! Event date TBD.

For more information on World Oceans Day, click here

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