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Annual Mississippi Coastal Cleanup

Every October, thousands of volunteers gather across the coast in efforts to rid our waterways, beaches and bayous of marine debris. The Annual Mississippi Coastal Cleanup takes place in Jackson, Harrison and Hancock Counties. Throughout each county are multiple cleanup sites available for the volunteers’ choosing of where to clean at. The sites range from beaches to parks, bayous to harbors. 

The 2022 Annual Mississippi Coastal Cleanup Event will take place Saturday, October 15th 2022 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

1. Bay St. Louis: Washington Street Pier & Boat Launch

2. Pass Christian Harbor

3. Long Beach Harbor

4. Gulfport: Jones Park with the MS Aquarium

5. Gulfport: Ken Combs Pier & Boat Launch

6. Biloxi Edgewater Mall

7. Biloxi West Beach Boardwalk

8. Biloxi Lighthouse

9. Ocean Springs: Front Beach @ the harbor end

10. Ocean Springs: East Beach

11. Pascagoula Beach Park & Front

12. Deer Island

**Use the points on the map above or scroll to the bottom of this page to click cleanup locations for site specific details. 

Each cleanup site is assigned a designated Site Captain. These Site Captains are the leaders of that cleanup area and will provide volunteers with the supplies they need for the cleanup. Prior to the cleanup, the Site Captain will show volunteers how to accurately record data pertaining to the marine debris items they will pick up the duration of the cleanup.

All of the data recorded is kept and entered into the Mississippi Coastal Cleanup marine debris data pool and utilized for educational and funding opportunities. This event is also a part of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup Event! 


Have questions? Please check out the FAQ below. Still have questions? Please reach out to the event coordinator @


Q: What do I do after I sign-up for the event? A: Keep your eyes on your inbox. The event coordinator will reach out to you with event details so make sure you are prepared for the event.

Q: Can I register my large group/class at once? A: Yes! Large groups can be registered at once, unless the group is cleaning up at separate locations. Our main point of contact for event details will be to the contact (email) provided during registration. 

Q: How will you inform volunteers of any changes to the event? A: Visit our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information. You can also help us get the word out. Mention the cleanup to your friends, co-workers, classmates and family.

Q: What if it rains? A: This event is subject to cancellation in the case of rain/stroms. If it is a washout, we will announce the cancellation the evening prior to the event. If the rain is scattered, cancellations will be on a site-to-site basis (i.e. it could be raining in Pascagoula but sunny in Gulfport). We will post all rain cancellation updates on our facebook page and email updates to registered volunteers. 

Q: I have participated in MSCCP cleanups before (pre-pandemic), is this event like those? A: Yes! We are finally able to resume our normal events with established sites and Site Captains. Welcome back! We missed our volunteers. 

Q: What happens during a cleanup event? A: Volunteers will receive supplies and data collection materials (data card and clipboard) from the Site Captain at their cleanup location. Throughout the cleanup, volunteers will pick up trash from their surrounding beach area, catergorizing what they are picking up on the data card. Check out this short and sweet video on How to do a cleanup! All collected trash will be securely tied into a bag and disposed of.

Q: Will there be recycling at the cleanup? A: Yes, we ask volunteers to pull all beverage plastic bottle and aluminum cans for recycling.

Q: Will there be a lunch event following the cleanup event? A: No, there will not be a lunch event. We apologize if this causes an Inconvenience.

Q: What supplies do I need to bring to the event? A: The MSCCP Team provides certain supplies through sponsor donations, but volunteers should bring the following items: useable water bottle with water (there will be water refill coolers), sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen), close-toed shoes or sneakers to protect your feet, work gloves or rubber gloves. Trash bags and buckets are provided at the site, but we highly encourage volunteers to bring their own trash collection container such as a bucket.

Q: Where should volunteers park? A: All cleanup sites have public parking, but it could be limited if there is a high volume of volunteers at a site. We encourage car-pooling and arriving early to ensure closer parking.

Q: What is the Data Card and why is it important that I fill this out during the coastal cleanup? A: Volunteers clean beaches, waterways, and report information on what they find, using the International Coastal Cleanup Data Card, so that sources of marine debris can be targeted for education or pollution prevention campaigns in Mississippi and worldwide. We want to keep track of what and how much debris we are removing from environment in efforts to ignite change.

Q: What if I want to clean an area that isn't on your list of cleanup sites? A: We select the sites based off criteria including: where the most debris has been found in previous events; what areas are preferred/accessible for volunteers; and which areas are attened by beach goers. If you want to request a bin of supplies outside of the event, you can through the “Request a Bin” initiative we will continue after the event weekend (after October 16th).

Q: I would like to sign my group up of the Deer Island site, what information do I need to know for this site? A: Transportation to this site will be provided by DMR boats that will shuttle volunteers to the island. Volunteers will meet at the docks between the Golden Nugget and Margaritaville - 173 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39530 by 8 a.m. to get checked in. Volunteers must be pre-registered for this site (via the Registration button above) and checked in before they board the boats. Make sure to bring plenty of water, close toed shoes, and bug spray. There are no restrooms on the island, so we highly encourage volunteers to use the public restroom within the neighboring resorts prior to going on the island. A Site Captain will be on the island to guide volunteers during the cleanup. Cleanup supplies will be provided. Boats will begain shuttling volunteers back to the mainlain by 11 a.m.




Cleanup Sites

Cleanup Site Coordinates County
Bay St. Louis: Washington Street Pier & Boat Launch 30° 18' 10.872" N, 89° 19' 48.2088" W Hancock County
Biloxi: Biloxi Beach Boardwalk 30° 23' 35.1996" N, 88° 56' 13.6536" W Harrison County
Biloxi: Edgewater Mall 30° 23' 20.2416" N, 88° 59' 26.16" W Harrison County
Biloxi: Lighthouse 30° 23' 38.274" N, 88° 54' 4.68" W Harrison County
Deer Island 30° 22' 58.7424" N, 88° 51' 59.7384" W Harrison County
Gulfport: Jones Park 30° 22' 2.4528" N, 89° 5' 6.7884" W Harrison County
Gulfport: Ken Combs Pier 30° 22' 41.0232" N, 89° 2' 37.5" W Harrison County
Long Beach: Long Beach Harbor 30° 20' 45.942" N, 89° 8' 32.604" W Harrison County
Ocean Springs: East Beach 30° 23' 32.5644" N, 88° 48' 0.684" W Jackson County
Ocean Springs: Front Beach (Harbor End) 30° 24' 10.5264" N, 88° 49' 28.236" W Jackson County
Pascagoula: Beach Park & Front 30° 20' 35.5884" N, 88° 32' 1.644" W Jackson County
Pass Christian: Pass Christian Harbor 30° 18' 56.88" N, 89° 14' 28.608" W Harrison County
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