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The Annual Mississippi Coastal Cleanup

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, our 2020 Mississippi Cleanup event will look different this year in efforts to keep our volunteers safe and engaged! We appreciate your patience as we make this event the best it can be during these uncertain and crazy times. Below are the details for the 2020 Mississippi Coastal Cleanup event. The event was originally scheduled for Saturday, October 17th, will now take place over the course of October to support adaptability for those interested in participating. The Mississippi Coastal Cleanup Program is a part of Mississippi State University Extension Programs so all events are following the MSU Covid-19 Re-Opening Guidelines. For MSU Extension resources on coronavirus, click here



The 2020 event will not take place on a single day in October, but will instead take place throughout the month. This will give volunteers the flexibility to choose when and where they cleanup, preventing groups from congregating in the same areas, and keep social distancing guidelines in mind.

How can you participate? Those interested in participating as a solo or group of volunteers in the 2020 Mississippi Coastal Cleanup event will be able to request a bin of supplies that will be provided to volunteers by the MSCCP during October.To participate in a solo or group cleanup, you must sign-up for the event through the online registration. The event registration will provide the MSCCP with the information we need to 1) provide you with sanitized supplies; 2) schedule a bin pick-up and drop-off date & location for volunteers; 3) reserve t-shirts for volunteers who participate in the event; and 4) communicate any event details. Groups can register online together.

Volunteers are free to choose the area they clean! There will not be designated cleanup sites. You can use the bin of supplies to cleanup once or multiple times at the same or different areas. See the map above of previous and common cleanup sites.

Each supply bin will contain an informational packet that will act as a supplement for the usual in-person Site Captain. We look forward to having our Site Captains back in 2021!

No lunch events.



How will I get my bin? Volunteers must complete an online registration form to reserve their bin. During registration, you (or your group) will select which date and location works best to pick up your bin. Supply Bins will be available for pick up beginning Ocotber 5th at a designated location in Hancock, Harrison and Jackson County. 

What is in my bin? Supply bins will be packed with supplies for a maximum of 20 volunteers. This is attributed to the MSU Extension Covid-19 Re-Opening Gidelines.

Each Supply Bin will include:

  • Trash bags
  • Disposable gloves - we also recommend volunteers to wear their personal, reusable groves.
  • Data Card & Clipboard (with pencil)
  • First Aid kit
  • Trash grabbers
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Information packet - includes “8 Steps to having a safe cleanup”, “Setting up & using Clean Swell” handout if you would like to go paperless when collecting data, “Volunteer Handbook Quick Guide” handout, and a copy of your registration (you will need this when returning your bin!). 

What do I do when I am done using my bin? Supply bin returns will take place the last week in October. Volunteers will need to return their bin to the same location it was picked up at. If these dates do not work with you, please contact your County Coordinator to schedule a time more convenient for you (County Coordinator contact info at the bottom of this page).

What if I already have the supplies but still want to participate in the cleanup event? Please complete the online registration for the event, and make sure to select the "I will be using my own supplies" option! 

Below are the bin PICK-UP & RETURN dates for the event. You will choose which date works best for you when you register. You must register to receive a bin.

Bin PICK-UP dates:

October 5th and 6th

October 12th and 13th

October 19th and 20th

Bin RETURN dates:

October 26th – 30th

Bin PICK-UP and RETURN locations:

Hancock County @ St. Stanislaus High School, Bay St. Louis

Harrison County @ MSU Coastal Research and Extension Center, Biloxi

Jackson County @ Pascagoula River Audubon Center, Pascagoula




Volunteers must complete an online registration form to be a part of the event. Registration enables us to provide volunteers with accurate location and supply coordination, keep track of who participates, and makes certain the volunteers who participate get a t-shirt (ooh-la-la). 

Data Collection 

Each supply bin will contain data cards for volunteers to use to tally up the items they are finding during their cleanup. These data cards must be completed and returned with the bin when volunteers are done doing their cleanup(s).

  1. If you have your own cleanup supplies but need data cards, you can download the Printable Data Card HERE.
  2. Want to go paperless? The Ocean Conservancy has an amazing data collection phone app. Download before you go to log data on your phone during the cleanup!

Clean Swell & it's amazing abilities:

  • It's free and available for Android & iPhone.
  • It's easy. All you have to do is tap the icon on the screen of the piece of trash you are picking up for it to be recorded (and you don't need Wifi to use it!).
  • It's personalizable. Once you sign-up, you can create a group name unique to your event (this helps us find the data you submit!).

Learn more about the app HERE (watch the short & sweet video for the neet-to-know information!)


Things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you practicing safety when picking up trash. Wear gloves, don’t pick up something you uncomfortable with touching, and wash your hands after you handle trash.
  • Be mindful of other people that are close by. Please follow the CDC recommended COVID-19 safety guidelines. You can read up on them here.
  • Only volunteers registered for the event will be able to pick-up a supply bin.
  • You must return your groups supply bin once you are finished with the supplies.
  • T-shirts will only be given to registered volunteers after they participate in the cleanup. Participation will be counted by turning in the data of what you cleaned up at your cleanup location on a data card or in the Clean Swell app. 



Hancock County - Letha Boudreaux @

Harrison County - Jessi James @

Jackson County - Mandy Sartain @


Questions? Concerns? Cool marine debris stories? Please contact the MSCCP Coordinator via email @

Go to the top of the page to register!





Cleanup Sites

Cleanup Site Coordinates County
Bay St. Louis: Hwy 90 to Bookter 30° 18' 22.1616" N, 89° 19' 41.088" W Hancock County
Bay St. Louis: Washington Street Pier & Boat Launch 30° 18' 10.872" N, 89° 19' 48.2088" W Hancock County
Biloxi: Biloxi Beach Boardwalk 30° 23' 35.1996" N, 88° 56' 13.6536" W Harrison County
Biloxi: Edgewater Mall 30° 23' 20.2416" N, 88° 59' 26.16" W Harrison County
Biloxi: Lighthouse 30° 23' 38.274" N, 88° 54' 4.68" W Harrison County
Biloxi: Mississippi Coliseum 30° 23' 25.5228" N, 88° 58' 28.2396" W Harrison County
Biloxi: Popp's Ferry Causeway 30° 25' 17.4432" N, 88° 58' 43.428" W Harrison County
Gautier: Shepard State Park 30° 22' 19.5096" N, 88° 37' 32.52" W Jackson County
Gulfport Harbor: East of Jones Park 30° 22' 0.2496" N, 89° 5' 10.68" W Harrison County
Gulfport: Ken Combs Pier 30° 22' 41.0232" N, 89° 2' 37.5" W Harrison County
Lakeshore: Silver Slipper 30° 14' 35.574" N, 89° 25' 29.568" W Hancock County
Long Beach Harbor 30° 20' 45.942" N, 89° 8' 32.604" W Harrison County
Moss Point: I-10 Boat Launch 30° 26' 17.754" N, 88° 33' 18.432" W Jackson County
Moss Point: River Front 30° 24' 49.5324" N, 88° 32' 14.064" W Jackson County
Ocean Springs: East Beach 30° 23' 32.5644" N, 88° 48' 0.684" W Jackson County
Ocean Springs: Fort Bayou Pier and Boat Launch 30° 25' 18.1308" N, 88° 49' 41.52" W Jackson County
Ocean Springs: Fort Maurepas Beachfront 30° 24' 19.386" N, 88° 49' 45.912" W Jackson County
Ocean Springs: Front Beach (Harbor End) 30° 24' 10.5264" N, 88° 49' 28.236" W Jackson County
Ocean Springs: Front Beach (Ocean Springs Yacht Club) 30° 24' 34.7436" N, 88° 50' 22.704" W Jackson County
Ocean Springs: Gulf Park Estates Public Pier 30° 21' 39.8448" N, 88° 45' 50.688" W Jackson County
Pascagoula: Beach Park & Front 30° 20' 35.5884" N, 88° 32' 1.644" W Jackson County
Pascagoula: I.G. Levy Park 30° 22' 24.3588" N, 88° 31' 23.772" W Jackson County
Pascagoula: Lighthouse Park 30° 22' 16.5612" N, 88° 33' 35.532" W Jackson County
Pass Christian: Pass Christian Harbor (east) 30° 18' 56.88" N, 89° 14' 28.608" W Harrison County
Pass Christian: Pass Christian Harbor (west) 30° 18' 44.8668" N, 89° 15' 0.396" W Harrison County
Waveland: Buccaneer State Park 30° 15' 41.1552" N, 89° 24' 12.384" W Hancock County
Waveland: Nicholson Ave 30° 17' 21.7032" N, 89° 21' 32.472" W Hancock County
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