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The Annual Mississippi Coastal Cleanup

The 2021 Mississippi Coastal Cleanup event will take place during the entire month of October.

What does this mean? Anyone interested in participating must register to reserve a bin of supplies that they can pick up and use to cleanup whenever and wherever they wish during the month of October.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate the best way to present this traditional event during these times of uncertainty. 

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How to prepare:

  • Recruit some friends, family, coworkers, teammates, etc. for your volunteer group. All volunteers wil be entered into a raffle for prizes at the conclusion of the event. 
  • Check out the site map for location ideas. These sites are common locations volunteers enjoy doing beach cleanups and some are even consider "hot spots" where trash tends to accumulate quickly and in large amounts. You can cleanup at other places too!
  • Like and follow our Facebook page for event information and announcements. 
  • Check out this short, neat video on how to do a cleanup.
  • Register!! laugh

Each supply bin contains:

  • Trash bags
  • Gloves (various sizes)
  • Data collection materials (DATA cards, clipboards, pencils)
  • Buckets (optional) - we highly encourage volunteers to use their own if they have the option. 
  • Trash grabbers (optional) - we highly encourage volunteers to use their own if they have the option. 

*Bins are packed for the number of volunteers registered in your group. More volunteers in your group means more supplies, so plan accordingly when it comes to transporting your supplies!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Data collection will count as you/your groups participation. We provide each group with data card(s) that are used to easily  tally up what kind of trash and how much trash you are finding. These numbers make magic happen! 
    • You can download and print data cards here.
  • Volunteers have the power to cleanup wherever and whenever they choose...
    • some locations will not have public trash bins or dumpsters. Do not leave your bagged trash behind! You might have to transport your collected trash to the closest waste recepticle. 
    • there will not be Site Captains at established locations. If you have questions, please contact the coordinator prior to doing a cleanup! We can help you navigate best cleanup practices. 
    • cleanups do not have to take place on the beach. Please be mindful of the wildlife and people where you are cleaning up at.
  • Supplies will be limited to the number of volunteers per group. Please estimate the number of people who will be in your group as accurately as possible so that we can ensure everyone gets the supplies they need. 

Questions? Concerns? Cool marine debris stories? Please contact the MSCCP Coordinator via email @


Q: What do I do after I sign-up for the event? A: Keep your eyes on your inbox. The event coordinator will reach out to you with event details so make sure you are prepared for the event.

Q: How will you inform volunteers of any changes to the event? A: Visit our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information. You can also help us get the word out. Mention the cleanup to your friends, co-workers, classmates and family.

Q: I reserved a bin of supplies for my group, when do we get to pick it up? A: Bin pick ups will take place every Thursday and Friday during October. You will be able to pick up your bin from our office on the day you specified during registration. You will receive a reminder email a week before pick up with location details and the best way to transport your bin. Larger groups will have more supplies to pick up. If you cannot pick up your bin during the scheduled week, please let the coordinator know.

Q: I requested a bin of supplies for my group, but we just recruited some more helpers. How do we update the number of volunteers in our group? A: Please email the Program Coordinator with your updated number of volunteers so that we can update the supply number in your bin.

Q: When and where can we cleanup at? A: Once you have your bin, you can clean up whenever and wherever throughout the month of October. Please refer to the map locations at the top of the page for most common cleanup areas in recent events. 

Q: Will there be a Site Captain at the beach during October? A: No, there will not. Groups that requested supplies are leaders of their own cleanup. If you need any assistance on how to do a cleanup, please email the Program Coordinator.

Q: When do we return the bin of supplies? A: Please return your bin to the same location you picked it up from as soon as you are finished. Feel free to contact the Program Coordinator to schedule a day and time if needed. 

Q: How many people can a bin provide supplies for? Do I need to register twice for a large group? A: Our team will pack your supplies based on the number of volunteers you have in your group. Buckets and trash grabbers are also provided with your supplies. Please keep this in mind when you come to pick up your supplies – the buckets will take up lots of space in a car.

Q: Do we need to fill out the Data Card? A: YES. We require data collection for the completion of the event. We will run through the data collection process when you pick up your bin. It’s simple and provides us with amazing data.

Q: Can we clean at multiple locations? A: Yes. Make sure you fill out a data card for each location. For example, if you clean at Jones Park on a Thursday, then clean at Biloxi on Saturday, you will have a data card for your Jones Park cleanup, and a separate data card for your Biloxi cleanup. We'll be sure to give you extra data cards :)

Q: What do we do with the trash? A: If you cleanup at the beach, please make sure all bags are secured and placed next to the public trash bins. Do not place the full bags into the trash bins - these bins would fill up quick leaving the public no where to dispose of there loose trash. If there are no trash bins, please leave the secured bags next to the sea wall and let the event coordinator you have been in contact with know. ** Please be cautious of hurricane debris! There are cleanup crews focusing on this larger debris. Let's focus on the smaller, litter items.



Cleanup Sites

Cleanup Site Coordinates County
Bay St. Louis: Washington Street Pier & Boat Launch 30° 18' 10.872" N, 89° 19' 48.2088" W Hancock County
Biloxi: Biloxi Beach Boardwalk 30° 23' 35.1996" N, 88° 56' 13.6536" W Harrison County
Biloxi: Edgewater Mall 30° 23' 20.2416" N, 88° 59' 26.16" W Harrison County
Biloxi: Lighthouse 30° 23' 38.274" N, 88° 54' 4.68" W Harrison County
Biloxi: Mississippi Coliseum 30° 23' 25.5228" N, 88° 58' 28.2396" W Harrison County
Biloxi: Popp's Ferry Causeway 30° 25' 17.4432" N, 88° 58' 43.428" W Harrison County
Gulfport: Ken Combs Pier 30° 22' 41.0232" N, 89° 2' 37.5" W Harrison County
Jones Park 30° 22' 2.4528" N, 89° 5' 6.7884" W Harrison County
Kremer Landing on Bernard Bayou 30° 24' 19.3896" N, 89° 1' 37.704" W Harrison County
Lakeshore: Silver Slipper 30° 14' 35.574" N, 89° 25' 29.568" W Hancock County
Long Beach Harbor 30° 20' 45.942" N, 89° 8' 32.604" W Harrison County
Moss Point: I-10 Boat Launch 30° 26' 17.754" N, 88° 33' 18.432" W Jackson County
Ocean Springs: Fort Maurepas Beachfront 30° 24' 19.386" N, 88° 49' 45.912" W Jackson County
Ocean Springs: Front Beach (Harbor End) 30° 24' 10.5264" N, 88° 49' 28.236" W Jackson County
Ocean Springs: Gulf Park Estates Public Pier 30° 21' 39.8448" N, 88° 45' 50.688" W Jackson County
Pascagoula: Beach Park & Front 30° 20' 35.5884" N, 88° 32' 1.644" W Jackson County
Pascagoula: Lighthouse Park 30° 22' 16.5612" N, 88° 33' 35.532" W Jackson County
Pass Christian: Pass Christian Harbor (east side) 30° 18' 56.88" N, 89° 14' 28.608" W Harrison County
Pass Christian: Pass Christian Harbor (west side) 30° 18' 44.8668" N, 89° 15' 0.396" W Harrison County
Waveland Beach 30° 16' 57.6768" N, 89° 22' 4.7064" W Hancock County
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